Sleight of Mind - Issue 2: Dash Hopes

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Sleight of Mind - Issue 2: Dash Hopes

Post  Gantor on Thu Aug 26, 2010 10:10 pm

Sleight of Hand
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Issue 2: Dash Hopes

Let's examine the Planar Chaos card Dash Hopes.
There is a lot of controversy over cards like this and Browbeat ( ). Are they good or bad? When should I run them?

Whenever a card does something outside of the color pie, give that card extra consideration. A counterspell in black is serious business. Both effects are very good for the cost. Nobody will argue that a counterspell or a lava axe at 2 mana is bad. The problem is that your opponent has the control over which effect will go off. For pretty much any decision in Magic, there is a correct play and an incorrect play. So there will almost always be a choice that you hope your opponent makes with this card. If you assume that your opponent makes the correct play then this spell will never do what it ideally should.

The point is that, for the cost, this spell will always do something that is very good for you even if it isn't what you wish would happen. You can't use it to interrupt your opponent's game-winning combo because they'll just pay the life and you can't use it as a direct damage finisher because they'll just allow the spell to be countered. Outside of these specific circumstances, this is a card that you want in your hand. It doesn't belong in every black deck but is a solid tool when you want to step up your control a bit. People do not expect to get countered by a black deck. It is not a fun card to be on the receiving end of and it definitely has it's place.

It's not as good as Counterspell or Lightning Bolt. It is worse than Mana Leak in the early game but better in the late game. It is particularly strong in black oppression decks where your opponent is more likely to make a bad decision out of desperation.

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