Sleight of Mind - Issue 1: Manamorphose

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Sleight of Mind - Issue 1: Manamorphose

Post  Gantor on Mon Aug 23, 2010 8:51 pm

Sleight of Hand
Gantor's Magic Commentary

Issue 1: Manamorphose

Let's examine the Shadowmoor card Manamorphose.

This card is pure incredible. It is most often thought of as an efficient mana fixer but it is so much more. I do not hesitate to recommend running this card as a 4-of in every deck that runs red or green including mono-red and mono-green.

Manamorphose is free. Virtually all cards have a cost, either in cards or mana. Dark ritual costs you one card. Ancestral recall costs you one mana. This card costs you neither. This effectively reduces your deck size by 4 cards. This may seem trivial but the smaller your deck, the more concentrated it is and the sooner you draw into your powerhouses. This makes it worth it to play even if you have nothing in your hand that you can play with the two mana unless you can foresee needing the mana fixing in the immediate future. It is even better now that mana burn is gone. People who play professionally always play the minimum number of cards in a deck (except for corner cases where having a large deck is part of the strategy). A deck with 64 cards would be labeled as bloated and need to be trimmed because you have a smaller chance of getting the cards you need to win the game. A 60 card deck that could run these but doesn't suffers from the same problem.

Even just as a mana fixer this card is a pro. The mana requirements are very lax. Only one colored mana needed and it can be one of two types. Then it returns two mana of any color. And since the draw effect is immediate, you can see if what you drew is better to cast than what you were originally going to do with the mana. Another key point is that the mana it provides does not have to be the same color. You can pay one green and one colorless to get one blue and one black. This level of color fixing makes this card very good in rainbow and in four-color even if the color you aren't playing is red or green.

Also it powers storm decks.

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