101 D&D 3rd Awesome Tricks

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101 D&D 3rd Awesome Tricks

Post  Gantor on Wed Aug 04, 2010 5:39 pm

Silly Engine Flaws the DM will Laugh at and Discount

The Commoner Railgun: Need to take out that castle? Just hire six-hundred commoners (a GP per commoner will make them jump for joy) to stand in line and pass a large rock (a move action) to the guy next to him and so on all the way to the castle. Assuming they all finish their move actions in three seconds, you have a rock moving at 1000ft/sec. G'bye wall!

Bag O' Rats+Supreme Cleave: Need to get from here to there really fast? Hold up your Bag O Rats(tm) and smack it really hard with the flat of your sword! You'll move 5ft each time you kill a rat!

Ride bonus +19 or higher. Line up a bunch of mounts. Mount one as a free action (automatic success). Dismount as a free action... on the other side. Mount the next as a free action. Dismount on the other side. Repeat as many times as you like, it's all free actions.

A pick does 1d4 damage, a heavy pick 1d6. Stone has Hardness 8.

If you can beat a vampire or a lich in a fight then you can start grinding it until you are 8 levels higher than it.

Take a pair of ring gates, arrange them so that one lets out into the other (creating a continual loop). Place a rod of Iron in the gate that is as long as the gap between the two gates, minus a couple of millimeters. The two ends of the rod should almost touch, but not quite. Weld them together. You now have an infinitely long length of iron rod.
Place this whole contraption into a jar that can hold a vacuum. Evacuate all the air, and release the rod. The rod will accelerate using gravity infinitely. It'll hit the speed of light in a little over five hours, assuming earth-norm gravity.
Since mass increases with speed, eventually this should, I think, create a black hole. Once that happens, the rings will collapse and release this massive... thing from its prison, sending the newly created black hole zooming into the middle of the planet at several times the speed of light.
If you want to generate enormous amounts of energy, make the pipe copper, wrap wire around the passage for it, and leave a little air in it to prevent the black hole of death.

Buy a ladder. Remove the rungs. Sell the two 10ft poles for more than the original ladder

Buy a spellbook (blank). Rip out all the pages. Sell pages individually for more than the spellbook.

Be a frenzied berzerker, or under the Delay Death spell. Get walloped down to -1000. Stick head in bucket of water, volunarily fail Con check vs drowning. Get healed to -1hp

After you have reached 121hp, raise yourself up to several thousand feet (any fly spell/ability will do), carrying the heaviest weight you can. Enter freefall. Hit terminal velocity, then the ground, causing yourself a nice large crater.
Dust yourself off after taking only 20d6 falilng damage (120hp max)

In a stand-up fight, a housecat can kill a lvl1 commoner

they deal 1d6 lethal damage with unarmed attacks, and can make unarmed attacks with anything, a monk could technically dry hump somebody to death.

Craft (weaponsmith) an entire forest into quarterstaffs in literally no-time.
Since the amount of time needed to craft a weapon depends on it's cost, and a quarterstaff is free.....

Using the rules as written, you can make spot checks at no penalty while sleeping or knocked out.

Monks aren't proficient with their own fists.
They do, however, treat their unarmed strikes as manufactured weapons, meaning they can be magically enhanced. Who wants 1 +1 throwing returning fist?
A character of 11th level or higher with Superior Unarmed Strike (ToB) will deal less damage if he takes one level of monk.

Wall of Force is still an excellent way of taking down ships. 1000 foot aircraft carrier? A single Wall of Force (which is invisible, hilariously) will stop it dead.

a Fighter with quick draw and enchanted scabbards that create shortswords, or a Heward's Handy Haversack filled with them. Theoretically, he could draw a nearly infinite number of weapons from his backpack and drop them as free actions, then hide behind the resultant pile.

Cleric of the Sun with access to teleport. Have him teleport at 5:30 PM to the exact other side of the world and wait half an hour. BANG! Instant reload of spells.

Apply the half dragon (red) template to a white dragon to generate a pink dragon. Give it a wizard dragonrider, and refer to them as 'Pinky and the brain'. Make them recurring villans. For sake of my sanity and those of others, I will not emphasize their goal in life.

Clubs are free, according to the PHB price lists.
Fire wood isn't.

First, you need a dwarf, the higher the strength the better. Then you need to buy him a flying carpet (any magical item which allows fro flight will work) and a sack of rocks. Finally, give the dwarf the quickdraw feat. Have him fly above an enemy, the higher the better. Then, use a free action to draw a rock and a free action to drop it. Flying dwarven rock machine gun

You can still petrify an Earth Elemental.

You can carry an infinite amount of slings at no penalty.

Cerebremancer, Font of power temporal acceleration and summon astral construct. Summon as many constructs as possible right above opponents head

The up the walls feat lets you run up vertical surfaces, provided you end your turn on a horizontal surface, otherwise you fall. A ceiling is technically a horizontal surface.

The dragon disciple prestige class requires you to be a non-dragon as a prerequisite.
A 10th level dragon disciple becomes a dragon, so they no longer qualify for the prestige class and thus lose all class features.
Which means that you qualify again and get all the class features back, which means you no longer qualify...

Dragon Magazine, two years ago(issue 330) posted a list of April Fool's Day flaws for Commoners. Here's the one I'm referring to:
Chicken Infested
You've got chickens
Effect: Whenever you draw a weapon, or pull an item out of a container, you have a 50% chance of drawing a live chicken instead. No, we don't know where the chickens come from, its your character.
This is my proposed build, the one that finally brings Commoner out of its shell as a PC class:
Human Commoner 1(I'm serious)
Str 10 Dex 10 Con 10 Int 18 Wis 10 Cha 10
Flaw: Chicken Infested
Feats: Skill Focus(Butcher), Skill Focus(Cooking), Run
Skills(4 ranks each):
Handle Animal +4
Jump +4
Listen +4
Profession(Butcher) +7
Profession(Cook) +7
Spot +4
Use Rope +4
You only get 1 Proficiency as a Commoner, Dagger's good enough here. There are, in essence, 14400 rounds in a day. You can spend a whole day without sleep drawing chickens and stabbing them(Move to draw, Standard to stab), and you'll get roughly 7200 Chickens(50%), then spend another day making Profession checks to chop em up.
Assuming you can only manage 1 chunk of meat per chicken(bullcrap, I say), that's 10800 Silver pieces for two days' worth of work at 1st level. You can probably get more if you take the time to cook em.
And best of all, there's no limitation to the number of chickens you may draw, so you've got, in essence, a limitless supply of food and money, all thanks to you playing a Commoner and taking a flaw for it.


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